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Third Place: You’re Doing It Wrong

2 Mar

I found this article via IWorkAt Borders, a wonderful LJ community for Borders employees.  As I used to work at Borders, I still check it out from time to time.

In Loss of Borders Would be a Loss for Families Michelle Sinclair Coleman shares how happy she is that her local Borders has survived the Bankruptcy filing and will remain open.  She then goes on to explain how much time she spends at Borders, during which time she hangs out, read magazines,  and drinks coffee while her kids run wild over the store.  But does she buy the magazines (or any books)?  Of course not.  Instead, she uses Borders’ free WiFi to check prices at Amazon.  And, she goes on to talk about how important places like Borders are to the community.

Of course, she was destroyed by the commenters.

You want a Third Place?  Support It.

Party at the Akron Civic Theatre

2 Mar

File under cool things to do in Akron (of which I’m working on finding more).

WKSU is hosting a preview party for the Cleveland International Film Festival at the Akron Civic Threatre (with a “re” like the British, that’s how you know it’s awesome).  They’re going to show previews of the films at the festival, raffle off free passes to the festival and overnight stays in Cleveland, and have free hors d’oeurves (and a cash bar).  Best part:  it’s free to attend.  So, come join me (and the kids from AmeriCorps).  The details are here.

Searching for a new Jezebel

2 Mar

Unfortunately, the Gawker reboot seems to have completely driven away Jezebel‘s commenters, and therefore pretty much killed the whole point of going to the site. This is the best that I have for a replacement so far: The Hairpin. Unfortunately, it seems like a pretty sad replacement. (Aside from their awesome article about The Baby-Sitters Club.)  Found anything better?


2 Mar

I’m getting restarted in blogging.  So, yeah…

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