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Vote for my cupcake in the Jelly Belly contest

6 Mar

Jelly Belly is sponsoring a cupcake decorating contest (basically you need to decorate a cupcake using Jelly Belly jelly beans and submit a picture and instructions on how to recreate it to their contest website).

I submitted a picture of the cupcakes that I made for a baby shower for a coworker a few years ago.  (The kid is almost two now.  But Jelly Belly doesn’t need to know that, now do they?)

So, visit the website to see all the cupcakes and vote for mine.  (Click on the number of stars that you want to give it.  I would highly suggest rating it a five!)

… and now I’ve finally written a post that includes something about baking.  I’d already had books and blog, so now I’ve got all three covered.

ETA: From my site stats, I see that a few people every day are getting to this page by searching for “baby shower pacifier cupcakes”.  If you’re one of them, I’m assuming that you’re here looking for instructions on how to make them, and not to read about my entry in a (now closed) contest.  They’re actually super easy.  Each pacifier is made of two orange mint Lifesavers and a small orange jelly bean (think Jelly Belly size) “glued” together with very thing buttercream frosting.  (You want the frosting to harden all the way, so don’t use too much butter.  The higher the fat content, the longer it takes to dry out.  Alternately, you could use royal icing, but if you’re going to be making buttercream to frost the cupcakes anyway, it’s not really worth it to make another kind.)  Don’t use too much frosting to attach the pieces or they will look messy.  That’s it, pretty simple!  If you have any questions, leave a comment and I’ll reply.  Thanks!

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