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Vote for my proposal to curb childhood obesity!

14 Mar

I submitted an idea to Slate’s Time to Trim (in The Hive) call for proposals to curb childhood obesity.

A much more detailed post will follow, but the voting ends today and I’m still at work. (Which was supposed to end an hour and a hafl ago. I’m still not nearly done.)

So, please excuse this not so pretty (and probably error-ridden) post. You can view my submission here and can log in to vote using your Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, or Yahoo information.

The Found (?!) City of Atlantis

14 Mar

Yahoo (okay, really Reuters) is reporting that a team of scientists may have found the lost city of Atlantis.  Apparently it’s in Spain, and not really underwater, but in a marsh.  (?!)  They’re saying that Atlantis is so far inland (and not actually in the ocean as we’ve all been taught to believe) and that it was destroyed in a giant tsunami that reached it’s location 60 miles from the coast.  (Coincidentally, they waited until this week to release this information.  Hmmmm.  Can you think of any current event on which this might be meant to capitalize?)

I found this story via The Mary Sue.

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