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Facebook becomes a Yearbook

20 Mar

Yearly Leaf has come up with a new way of monetizing Facebook content.  For a fee (which they haven’t yet announced) they will publish a year of your life (as recorded by status updates, wall posts, pictures, etc.) into your very own moleskin bound book, a yearbook of your life on Facebook, if you will.

Social Times has this to say on the subject:

The project is the brainchild of Mark Michael, who had the idea for YearlyLeaf when he realized how much of his life was uploaded onto Facebook. “Last year,” he tells me in an e-mail, “I traveled to Maui, Aruba, Puerto Vallarta, Panama, I started a blog, I spoke at two conferences, took up competitive sailing, got my brother on a reality TV show, attended eight concerts, walked a charity race, bought a car, turned twenty-eight and got engaged.”

Michael wanted to create a coffee table book that can be classified as both a conversation piece as well as a personal archive: “Until now” he says, “most of my memories were posted in the form of status updates and pictures [on Facebook].”

Seems like the most narcissistic coffee table book ever to me.  Because, (in addition to the obvious thing that having a book about yourself is pretty self-involved) it’s not actually a book about your life.  It’s a book about the shiniest, happiest, most brag-worthy parts of your life.  Really, can you imagine going to someone’s house and seeing one sitting out?

Also, what’s to prevent some stalker type person from ordering one about someone else?  Creepy… I hope they’ll have ways of stopping that.

Thus my choice of kitchen implements is validated by the Style Section

20 Mar

So, this is a first.  I had something before the New York Times Style Section said it was trendy.

Nesting doll measuring cups!  Of course, the ones they’re recommending come from MOMA and mine are from Althropologie; but that’s almost the same, right?  (And, really they were a gift.  Thanks for the awesome present, Erin!)

This will probably never happen again.

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