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In South Carolina’s War on Crime… The Convicted are barred from… Facebook?

21 Mar

Add this to the list of reasons not to commit a crime — no Facebook in prison!

South Carolina is considering a law that would ban prison inmates from accessing Facebook — on the cell phone that they’re already not allowed to have.  (I get that there’s no way to have a 100% effective embargo system, but really, by proposing the law, aren’t they admitting that they’re ineffective at keeping cell phones out of prisons?)  Apparently, some prisoners use Facebook just like you and I do, you know to post status updates like, “its really hard 2 find luv n”  (What a coincidence; I just posted that yesterday!)  But, sometimes they use it to harass victims and their families.

Of course, the ACLU is objecting.  They’re saying that, as part of their punishment, the government can prevent inmates from accessing cell phones, but that, if inmates get a hold of cell phones any way, the government can’t regulate what they do with them (but it can take them away).  Strange as it may seem initially, it makes sense to me.  Go, first amendment!

For more on this and other fascinating stories, visit Jezebel and FoxNews.  (I seriously can’t believe that Jezebel recycled content from FoxNews; I know that there have been editorial issues over there recently, but I thought their considered FoxNews to be their arch nemesis.)

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