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Too Hardcore with the Smithsonian

2 Apr

Teddy Roosevelt is more of a badass than 50Cent.  Does that make you want to go to a museum?  Jenny Burrows and Matt Kappler, creators of the “Historically Hardcore” ads hope so.

According to Geekosystem (which I found via MentalFloss), the artists teamed up to create this fake Smithsonian ads as part of a portfolio project.  But, it seems that the ads were a bit to… um, hardcore for the Smithsonian which asked to be disassociated from them.  Sad, because I wish museums would take more of this type of approach to history.  (It might cause more people to want to visit.  Or at least stop my siblings from groaning when I suggest we go to a museum.  “Why do we have to learn about history?  We’re on vacation.”)  But I guess bragging about how many people Ghengis Khan slept with is probably not kosher for a government funded museum.  (Your tax dollars at work and all that.)  (Also, does anyone know if that is actually true.  I found it on Wikipedia, but their source link for the fact was broken.

I never knew this fact about Andrew Jackson and his parrot, but it doesn’t surprise me.  (I like to think of Andre Jackson as a presidential Jack Sparrow type figure.   A bit of a rapscallion, if you will.  Please don’t disabuse me of this.)  This is just another reason to add to the list of why he is my favorite president.  (Yes, I understand that he did terrible things and that this is not a very PC choice.)  Seriously, wheel of cheese, the kitchen cabinet, slaying the bank…  (Look them up, you’ll be glad that you did.)  Obviously he had some issues with overreaching of executive power, but he was also awesome.

On other history nerd topics, I bring you these recommendations: Bangable Dudes of History and Stuff You Missed in History Class.  The first is more funny than defensible, but I’ve actually learned quite a bit from the second.  Although it comes from How Stuff Works (which doesn’t always seem like the best source), I’ve found that the history seems to be pretty accurate.  Also, they introduced me to the awesomeness that it Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire, one of the most fascinating historically figures that I’ve had the pleasure to encounter.

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