The YouTube Family Singers

4 Apr

Usually I think that YouTube is cool, but kind of worthless in terms of accomplishing anything other than giving people all over the world access to funny cat videos.  (Not to disparage the value of funny cat videos…)  But, today I saw something that I’ve never seen before – people making something beautiful and positive over YouTube.

Inspired by a video of a young girl singing one of the pieces that he had written, composer Eric Whitacre “used online video to bring together singers from around the globe to participate in a virtual choir with over 2,000 voices… They recorded videos of themselves singing their parts, uploaded them to YouTube and were edited together with the thousands of other participants to create a single video of Whtacre’s choral composition, ‘Sleep’, 2,000 singers strong.”

The video will be released later this week; but, right now you can watch the first one that he did, which featured 185 signers.  It’s truly amazing.  (Although maybe the graphical layout could use some work…)  I am as excited about this as I was about flashmobs, and that’s saying something…  So, if you’re in the mood to smile, visit SocialTimes’ article about the topic when you can watch the show and Mr. Whitacre’s TED Talk (or watch this Sound of Music flashmob video).  Another personal note, I would love to give a TED talk one day.  Maybe we’ll add this to my list of life goals, along with meeting the Spice Girls (hey, I was twelve when I but that on the list!) and joining MENSA (no defense of that one, apparently I’m an intellectual snob).

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