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What does your e-mail address say about you?

5 May

SocialTimes is covering AOL’s earnings (or lack thereof).  AOL LogoReally, coverage of AOL on a social media site?!  Social Media is Web 2.0 (or maybe 3.0) and AOL is 1.0 (or really some sort of beta version).  For me, AOL was the Internet before I discovered the Internet – before I knew that I could leave the walled garden and find all the cool social media and culture things that I post about on this blog.  (It was silly and very limited.  But, I do kind of wish that I still got to hear “Welcome.  You’ve got mail.”)

E-mail envelopeSince starting the new job, I’ve been reading a lot of business and marketing blogs.  Yesterday, I read one where the author talked about her impressions of an AOL e-mail address.  (I’m sorry, I forget the blog.  If it was yours, or you know whose it was, please post a link in the comments!  I hate not to give credit where it’s due.)  She said that she had recently purchased services from a person with an AOL e-mail address and had been very hesitant to do so.  Yes, that’s a judgy thing to say, but I agree.  Having an e-mail address that ends with screams 1995 and implies that you aren’t conversant with new media trends and probably don’t know you’re way around the Internet too well. Continue reading

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