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Do You Have a Personal Social Media Policy?

8 May Social media network logos coming out of megaphone

Recently, I read an article called What’s Your Personal Social Media Policy? Social Media Policy Thought Clouds Many companies have social media policies (some quite draconian, others pretty normal), but those are meant to protect the company’s image and interests, not the person’s.  In the article, Mike Brown discussed his own social media faux pas and how he’s developing a policy to prevent them in the future.

He started off by saying:

Googling “social media policy” returns nearly 5 million hits – obviously a topic getting lots of attention. Modifying the search to “personal social media policy” reduces the hits by 99%. That’s relatively scant attention to how individuals could or should formalize how we conduct ourselves personally across various social media channels.

In an era where people are building (and sharing) their personal brands online, your personal social media policy is important to consider, especially if you’re someone who’s in the business of selling/promoting yourself or your personal brand. Continue reading

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