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The Like Button Turns One (Happy Birthday!)

11 May

Facebook Like Icon - Thumbs Up, Number 1Okay, so I am about a little late covering this, but that doesn’t make the news any less interesting, right?  Facebook’s Like Button turned one year old on April 22.  According to

In one year, more than 2.5 websites have integrated Facebook’s like button on their websites, giving Facebook the ability to not only gather information about its users on its own site but also gather information about them from all over the Internet. In this manner, Facebook had conquered the Web.

Aragog coming out of his lair with Harry Potter and Ron WeaslyI’m just going to assume that that means 2.5 million websites… When Facebook started, it was its own walled garden.  What happens on Facebook, stays on Facebook, so to speak.  But, in recent years, Facebook has expanded its footprint and, through like and share, begun to spread itself across the web.  I like to think of Facebook as a giant spider growing ever bigger and taking over larger and larger parts of the web.  (Get it, web?)  You know, like Aragog…

Anyway, about the Like Button… As SociaMedia explains, clicking the like button isn’t really about liking the status (in that you enjoy it), but about giving feedback.  It’s the easiest way of acknowledging a friend’s status update.  Explaining the Like Button and its role in giving feedback, SocialMedia really explains social networking in general. Continue reading

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