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Social Media Marketing: Adding a Visual Touch

29 Jun

Or, You’re so vain, you probably think this infographic is about you., LinkedIn Profile, Visual Resume, Personal InfographicAn infographic generator that will make me my very own inforgraphic based on my LinkedIn profile? Awesome! Custom infographics for use in personal branding and social media marketing? Also awesome!

Today on Mashable, I learned that is a soon to go live infographic generator that will make you your very own personal infographic based on your LinkedIn profile. Soon everyone will be able to have the stunning resumes of graphic designers. (Sorry graphic designers, this new infographic generator means that you will no longer be the queens of personal branding and social media marketing.) I’ve long coveted a visual resume/personal infographic and had been thinking of investing the time in making one to post on LinkedIn, here on WordPress, and on Facebook. But, I was daunted by the time and skill involved in its creation. (My Photoshop skills are one step above LolCats.) And along comes with a solution; their infographic generator will do all the work for me! Continue reading

My Klout Score: a failed quest

22 Jun

Everyone Has Klout -- Discover Yours NowToday the Internet seems to be abuzz about this new social media metric called Klout.   Klout analyzes your social media metrics (how many retweets, likes, etc.) to measure how much clout you have (get it?) in social media circles.   Are you a consumer of information or a thought leader? Do you have followers that dedicatedly like your pictures and retweet your links, or do your status updates largely fall on deaf ears? (Basically, are you Top News or Most Recent?) Continue reading

Domain Names: E-mail and Personal Branding

21 Jun

E-mail Domain LogosToday I got an e-mail with the subject line “Yahoos and Hotmails Need Not Apply”.   It discussed how hiring managers are using e-mail domain names as a way to weed out job candidates.  And it tied wonderfully into all the thinking — and writing —  that I’ve been doing about online identity and personal branding.

“If an applicant applies for a job with us and is still using Hotmail or Yahoo for email, they’re immediately eliminated,” one successful CEO said. 


A Yahoo, Hotmail, or AOL email address could signal that you’re not exactly tech-savvy—or not comfortable with change. Gmail (or a personal domain) is considered leading edge. 

It’s not about using a paid e-mail address as opposed to a free e-mail address, it’s about using an e-mail service that provides you with a “cool” domain name, a domain name that signals that your aware of Internet culture and on the cutting edge (or at lease not behind) the tech curve.  We all recognize that our Facebook and LinkedIn profiles are part of our personal brands (or I hope we all recognize it!), but many people may not take their domain name into account.  Unfortunately, you ignore the impact that your domain name can have on your personal brand at your own peril.  Your resume is the ultimate document of your personal brand and it displays your e-mail address quite prominently.  Why spend hours creating your personal brand and crafting your resume if it’s just going to be tossed in the trash as soon as the hiring manager sees your e-mail domain name? Continue reading

Get ready for the 2012 campaign season — on your Facebook

18 Jun

Political Candidate with Social Media ButtonsMashable (via Social Times) is reporting that social media has a big impact on how we get our news and information.   (I’m thinking I might need to start a “well, duh” tag.)   We’re more likely to get information, to actually watch/read the information, and to share the information online than IRL.   Because of all this, “social media users are more likely to be influenced by Facebook “friends” than the evening news.” And in all of this, they’re using the term “social media voters”, a term that I’m going to wholeheartedly embrace. Continue reading

Infographics show Facebook is taking over

15 Jun

An article on Social Times combining infographics, Facebook, and social media trends?!  Obviously this is terribly exciting.   If you come here often, you know that infographics (especially interactive ones) are one of my favorite parts of the internet. (Other people search for porn, I search for infographics.   What can I say?) Continue reading

Social Media Marketing: Are your customers Mac or PCs?

14 Jun

I'm a Mac, I'm a PCBackstory — I attended a professional services marketing conference the other day.  After the conference, I ended up sitting around the bar with some other marketing people until about one in the morning… talking about social media marketing strategies for professional services, specifically how to reach out to customers where they live. Yep, I live on the wild side.

We had heard a lot that day about how you can leverage new technologies and social media marketing in your efforts to connect with potential clients. We talked about QR codes and phone scanners, about mobile websites and custom apps. About always being on the cutting edge of technology. One of the presenters said something about telling your customers that you’re ahead of the curve – saying something like “Explain to them that if your services were like technologies, first there was the telegraph, then the TV, then the computer, then the iPhone, then the iPad 1 and 2. Our services are so advanced; they’re like the iPad 3.”

That analogy’s all well and good for customers that are into technology, but some of our customers are Amish. If we told them that in a sales pitch or printed something similar in a marketing piece, they’d probably look at us like we were crazy.  And they probably wouldn’t know what an iPad is, or have any presence on (or interest in) social media, anyway. Continue reading

Chickens and eggs of personal branding

9 Jun

Carrie name necklace as seen on Sex and the CityThe other day, while at the Association for Accounting Marketing (AAM) conference, I met a communications/ social media marketing consultant who was wearing a Carrie necklace. (Don’t know what I’m talking about? You obviously don’t watch Sex and the City.) Instead of the necklace having her name, it had her Twitter account name, @ sign and all. Normally, you see people bringing their physical self to their online identity. She’s bringing her online identity to her physical self. (Offline social media marketing, who knew!) Some people may think it’s a bit over the top – I think it’s brilliant example of personal branding.  (As she’s a communications and social media marketing consultant, proving that she’s got a successful social media presence/online identity and an active Twitter account are important to her personal brand.) Continue reading

There are three things in life you can’t escape — death, Facebook, and taxes

8 Jun

Graph showing amount of dead people with Facebook AccountsAt work the other day, I was working on a presentation about social media, its various mediums, and their uses.  While searching (in vain) for a clear graphic showing a change in the age demographics of Facebook users (Yes, I know, boring.  But, the point of this presentation is that, you, too, Mr. 50-year-old CPA, can do social networking), I came across this post on the growing number of Facebook accounts for the deadContinue reading

Who’s Maggie?

3 Jun

It’s been suggested to me that, since most of my readers aren’t people that I know personally, I might consider fleshing out my bio and my “expertise” a bit more on this blog.  Apparently I am an enigma.

Taking that advice into account  (see, I can follow directions), I’ve updated (and greatly expanded) the “About Me” section.  Don’t want to bother clicking over?  Here’s what you need to know.

I’m Maggie.  I bake cakes.  Thus the name.  (Yeah, I know, really creative…)  Also, I do some other things.  Namely: biking; blogging, lurking, and surfing online; reading; and hanging out on bars, coffee shops, and libraries in Akron, OH.  (I can walk to the library, Chipotle, and a locally owned coffee shop from my apartment.  As one of my friends says, “She lives in the gay neighborhood – that’s how you know it’s good.”)

Want a little more of a CV?  Hoping that I have some authority for all my opinions?  This will probably disappoint, but here it is. Continue reading

Does diversity mean me, too?

2 Jun

Although I do a lot of reading on the topic, I’ve generally shied away from issues of race on this blog because they’re difficult to talk about.  But, I read this article the other day that’s really got me thinking.  I’m just posting this to share it without too much commentary of my own.  But here’s the one thing I’ll add: at some points I have felt that diversity and multiculturalism are code for “and not you”.  I don’t know if that’s wrong, but it is how I’ve felt.  That’s faded a lot as I’ve gotten older and realized that everyone (yes, even a middle-class white girl from the Midwest) has a culture and that all of those cultures (even mine) are welcome in a truly multicultural society.  But, it’s taken me a while to get here and it’s something I’m still working on.

So, without any further comment, here’s an excerpt from and link to Salon’s piece on white Americans struggle to find their place in multiculturalism. Continue reading

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