Infographics show Facebook is taking over

15 Jun

An article on Social Times combining infographics, Facebook, and social media trends?!  Obviously this is terribly exciting.   If you come here often, you know that infographics (especially interactive ones) are one of my favorite parts of the internet. (Other people search for porn, I search for infographics.   What can I say?)

Anyway, Social Times has an article called “ World Map Of Social Networks: Facebook Really Is Taking Over The World ”.   I don’t know how I’ve missed this, but apparently there’s a social media guru-type person , that creates biannual infographics called World Map of Social Networks , showing the popularity of social networking platforms across the globe.   ( His name is Vincenzo Cosenza; the “about” on his blog is in Spanish, so aside from knowing that he monitors social media trends and makes beautiful infographics, I’m at a loss.) His infographics show that In the last few years, Facebook has greatly expanded its footprint and pretty much taken over the social media scene .   (Sure, we all know that Facebook is dominating, but knowing it and seeing it are two entirely different things.)

On the maps, Facebook is represented in blue (of course!).

Social Times says:

Facebook thumbs up, Like button, plus 1, +1With each new map, the blue areas become more and more dominant and, in fact, every six months more and more social networks drop off of the map altogether. In June 2009, 17 networks were accounted for; in December 2009 this number dropped to 16; In June 2010 there were 14 social networks on the map; and in December 2010 there were only 11. Now, in June 2011, there are only 9 social networks represented on the World Map of Social Networks.

Great Firewall of ChinaObviously there are more than 9 social networks in the world, but the map shows each county colored for the social network that has the strongest presence there.   (Last week, I got invited to join an accounting only social network.   I passed.)   China, Russia, Kazakhstan, and Brazil seem to be some of the last major holdouts on joining Facebook.   (Yes, Facebook is the evil overlord.   Submit to its will or be crushed.) Judging by the infographics (and general knowledge of social media trends) Facebook is taking over everywhere and will soon be the dominant network everywhere in the world. (My vote’s on China holding out the longest. I’m guessing that one of the reasons they’re doing their own thing is that the Great Firewall of China blocks Facebook and most other social media platforms.)  So, social media is going the way of globalization just like everything else.  (I really wanted to call this post Facebook and Its Discontents, but I figured that few people would get the reference and, as previously establish, Google doesn’t think I’m funny.)

What to do with this information? Other than be in awe of Mark Zuckerberg, of course? Well if you’re a social media marketer (or really just involved in the world of social media marketing in any way), it’s time to recognize that Facebook will win in the end. So, give up, join the Galactic Alliance, turn in your brown coats, and come to Facebook. Han Solo will forgive you.

Question of the day: Do you participate in social networking? Are you on Facebook? Or something other platform? (Or, both, that’s an option, too. I’m on a few, myself — just not the accounting only one.) If you’re not on Facebook, I urge you: come to the dark side — we have cookies.

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