Social Media Marketing: Adding a Visual Touch

29 Jun

Or, You’re so vain, you probably think this infographic is about you., LinkedIn Profile, Visual Resume, Personal InfographicAn infographic generator that will make me my very own inforgraphic based on my LinkedIn profile? Awesome! Custom infographics for use in personal branding and social media marketing? Also awesome!

Today on Mashable, I learned that is a soon to go live infographic generator that will make you your very own personal infographic based on your LinkedIn profile. Soon everyone will be able to have the stunning resumes of graphic designers. (Sorry graphic designers, this new infographic generator means that you will no longer be the queens of personal branding and social media marketing.) I’ve long coveted a visual resume/personal infographic and had been thinking of investing the time in making one to post on LinkedIn, here on WordPress, and on Facebook. But, I was daunted by the time and skill involved in its creation. (My Photoshop skills are one step above LolCats.) And along comes with a solution; their infographic generator will do all the work for me!

LinkedIn Logo, Social Media site where personal branding and social media marketing are importantAs Mashable puts it:

 ” A new app called will instantly turn your LinkedIn profile into a stunning infographic, all through the power of code — no graphic design skills required.

Pulling all your career information from your LinkedIn profile via LinkedIn’s API, creates clean graphical representations of your skills, work history and even your connections in an easy-to-scan format that hiring managers and other gatekeepers love.

If you’ve been reading here for a while (or if you know me at all), you’re probably aware of my love of infographics. (I don’t hide my dorkyness. You saw the post about how I love the Spice Girls, right?) Infographics are so pretty and informative and are usually great combinations of math and art; two things that I seriously enjoy. (Don’t judge.) Infographics are a great way to convey complicated (and sometimes daunting or boring) information in an engaging, visual format. One problem with them — they’re very labor intensive to create. Sure you look at them and think, “hey, I could do that in Publisher,” but really, most of them are probably made in Creative Suite; the fact that they seem so simple is part of their beauty.

You’ve probably also figured out that I’m very interested in personal branding and social media marketing, both of which are all about making yourself (and especially your strengths) stand out from the crowd. LinkedIn’s great for social media marketing, but it’s really hard to make your profile (visually) stand out. They’re all so text heavy and they’re not very customizable (you’re only allowed the one profile picture and it’s tiny), but we all know that visual aids are really important in personal branding and in presentations in general. (You know that, right? Also, people think PPTs are boring.)

LinkedIn Profile example, an example of personal branding and social media marketing, but it would be better with a personal takes the text of your Linkedin Profile, runs it though its infographic generator, and gives you your own (resume-like) personal infographic that you can post to LinkedIn (though an app like Portfolio Display), to WordPress, to Facebook, or wherever else you like. Basically, is an awesome new tool for bringing a visual element to your personal branding and social media marketing efforts.

You might be thinking, now Maggie, why do I need a personal infographic? I’m happy where I am, I’m not looking for a job — hell, I’m happy with my Yahoo e-mail address. example of personal inforgraphic based on LinkedIn profile, used for personal branding and social media marketingOkay, I admit, you don’t need a personal infographic. But you do want one. Whether you’re a job seeker or happy in your current job, your social media presence is important to your career. You’re clients are checking your profile and so are you colleagues. Your boss probably is, too. (I know mine is. Hi Katie!) Getting your own personal infographic now (before they become standard) shows that you’re ahead of the curve. Think of it as one step cooler than having a Gmail address. goes live with a private beta on July 25. Want to get in on the action? Sign up at and invite at least three friends. (Or, you could just wait until the public beta on August 1.)

Questions of the day:  Did you think this post was about you?  Do you share my love of infographics?  (Fair warning, there’s only one right answer to that question.)

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