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All I really need to know about social media, I learned in Kindergarten

11 Jul

Kindergarten Class - credit to woodleywonderworksFind social media culture confusing?  You passed Kindergarten, right?  You can do it.  Her’s what you need to know.  Some rules to live by, erm, tweet by.

  1. Share everything – Okay, maybe everything is an overstatement, but when it comes to social media, you’re trying to connect with people and telling your story.  And, let’s be honest, your story probably isn’t a #1 best seller, or at least it’s not going to be without your help.  The only way that your friends will find out about the cool place you went, the beautiful picture you took, or the great article you read is if you tell them.
  2. Play fair – Link baiting is not okay.  Neither is black hat SEO.  Sure we all want to be popular, to have more page views, more followers, what have you.  But, those rules and standards exist for a reason.  Everyone else has to follow them and so do you.
  3. Don’t hit people –This should really be “don’t poke people”.  It’s weird and annoying.  Just don’t do it. Continue reading
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