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Google+ and the future of search

17 Jul

SparksIs G+ a killer app?”  Oh, come on that’s what everyone’s wondering.  Some people think that it’s going to rival Facebook.  Others think it’s here to challenge Microsoft.  I’m wondering if it’s here to change search.

You may not have heard about it, but G+ has a feature called Sparks, which brings content from around them web to you through your Google+ account.  Sparks features streams (to use Google speak) of information on a variety of topics.  It’s preloaded with some topics when you join G+, but you have the ability to add others.

Although Sparks hasn’t received nearly as much press as some other G+ features (like Hangouts and Circles), it may be the one that has the biggest impact on how we use the internet.  By bringing content directly to us, Sparks has the potential to change the way we get information, specifically the way we search.  Continue reading

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