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eBooks by the pool

1 Aug
reads by the sea

reads by the sea, by Joesph Roberts

I spent the last week in Mexico with my family.  (Yes, it is nice having parents that like me enough to take me on vacation with them.)  And, like I do most places, I spent a lot of time observing other people and what they were reading.  On vacation, you can’t creep on people’s bookshelves, but you can surreptitiously walk around the pool to see what everyone else is reading.

Normally, I vacation in Michigan with my extended family.  We all share books, so I’m already familiar with most of what they’re reading by the pool.  (I’m a big fan of bringing bags of books that I’ve read to Christmas and dumping them on the table for people to pick from.  Not the most traditional Christmas presents, I’ll grant you, but no one seems to mind.)

But, this vacation I was in a foreign country with people from all over the world.  I saw people reading books in all kinds of languages.  And, I know that we’re not supposed to judge books by their covers, but from ten feet away, I can tell a trashy thriller no matter what the language.  It’s something about the font and the design, oh, and the faces that people make while they read them.  People lean in to trashy thrillers way more that they do into business books. Continue reading

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