4 Aug
Vizualize.meOr, I’m so vain, I know this infographic is about me.

Last month, I wrote about, a new app, website, what have you that allows you to make a custom infographics based on your LinkedIn profile.  (As someone interested in personal branding – and a big fan of infographics – I was very excited about what could do for online identity and personal branding.)  I was looking forward to having the stunning visual resume of a graphic designer, without the need to take all of those pesky graphic design courses.

Yesterday, I got an e-mail saying that had gone live.  Well, at least the private beta had.  And yours truly has been lucky enough to get in on the ground floor!  I set mine up over lunch today.  And by set up, I mean picked pretty colors and fonts –’s algorithms did all the hard work for me.

This is a screen grab of part of my custom infographic. (Oh, and my work history.)

As is still in beta, there’s no way to embed my infographic (my Vizualize.Maggie, as I’ve decided to call it) into this post.  You can view Vizualize.Maggie here.  It’s (slightly) interactive, so you’ll get a much better view of, and its capabilities and potential impact on personal branding, by click the link than you will from the screen grab above.

Social Media MegaphoneI shared my Vizualize.Maggie with my social network today.  Best reaction that I got:  “I’m not sure I like this…it makes it too hard to make yourself look better than you are…I mean, isn’t that the whole purpose of a resume? just sayin…”  It’s funny because it’s true.

My thoughts so far (other than I’d always like to look better than I really am)?’s not a game changer yet, but it could become one.  Applying for a job in communications?  Your WordDoc resume will look pathetic next to a custom infographic.

Right now the interface is a little clunky and there aren’t all the options that there need to be.  The things that you can include are very limited and you can’t pull in any content from anywhere other than LinkedIn or add your own text.  But they’re working on it.  I’ve got a interview set up to give the developers on my thoughts soon.  (So, if you’ve got thoughts, let me know!)

QR code example

Don't get cute and try scanning it. It's an example I pulled from a Google image search. I take no responsibility for where it leads you.

But think where it all could go…  You’re looking for a job and actively networking.  You have business cards printed with your name, contact info, and a QR code which directs to Vizualize.You.  You give it out to people that you meet and they scan it.  (Oh come on, we’re all compulsive QR code scanners right now!)  They’ll definitely remember you.  And probably tell other people about you, too.  (I don’t even want a new job and I want a QR code that directs to Vizualize.Maggie!)

Questions of the day: Do you have a visual resume or a custom infographic?  Are you going to make one?  (Will I be seeing a Vizualize.You?)

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2 Responses to “Vizualize.Maggie”

  1. georgettesullins August 4, 2011 at 7:33 pm #

    “Well, at least the private beta had. ” So yes, it’s available, judging from your question at the end. Or, not from the aforementioned quote? I’m a little confused. I’m onboard…but how do I generate one if it’s possible?

    • Maggie O'Toole August 5, 2011 at 7:10 pm #

      Sorry! This is what happens when I’m too tired, but I blog anyway. Only the private beta is live to demo it, but anyone can sign up to get on the list right now. (I’m not sure when it’s rolling out to the public, but I think that it’s a slow roll out to the people that sign up, based on their influence on social networks.)

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