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Digital (Touch) Natives

7 Aug
138 - Who's iPad is it? by Holtsman

138 - Who's iPad is it? by Holtsman

Or, why small children everywhere will soon leave us all in the dust while we’re going “Where’s the mouse?”

iPads are expensive pieces of consumer technology.  In all but a very few circumstances, they’re the ultimate objects of conspicuous consumption.  (“Oh, I saw you admiring my iPad.  Yes, I have an iPad.  You can touch it if you want.”)  So, I’d think that they’d be a kind of adults only tool right now, at least until the price falls.

But, I see little kids playing with them everywhere.  Last week a saw two brothers, ages about two and five, each carrying their own.  They (the iPads, not the kids…English needs more pronouns) were in drop-proof cases each of a different color.  Although they were clearly getting ready for a long car ride, their Mom wasn’t schlepping a big bag of stuff to entertain them, the iPads were it.  (In terms of aching backs, iPads are looking like a pretty good deal.) Continue reading

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