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If the earth shakes and no one Tweets about it, did it really happen?

23 Aug
Earthquake! by martinluff

Photo credit to martinluff

Or, In which I learn I’m a sucker

So today I’m sitting at my desk and all of a sudden I feel like I’m shaking… Okay, I’m going to kill the (lack of) suspense right here and tell you all that we could feel the earthquake here in Ohio.  It was so slight here that it could have been anything: maintenance on the building, construction outside, me having low blood sugar… My initial reaction, I’ll Google it:  “Earthquake August 23”.  Press Search.  …and Google comes up with nothing.  (Granted I should have realized that this would happen since Google’s not liveindexing anymore.)

So then I check Twitter.  About 90% of my feed was filled with “Dude, was that an earthquake?”  (About three minutes later those tweets were replaced with “I can’t believe everyone’s tweeting about the earthquake.”)  And seeing all those tweets, it was a strange feeling, some kind of combination of validation and relief.  Like, Twitter says there was an earthquake, so that proves it.  My own knowledge of what I had personally experienced wasn’t enough; I need social media to validate it for me. Continue reading

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