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Who’s Maggie?

3 Jun

It’s been suggested to me that, since most of my readers aren’t people that I know personally, I might consider fleshing out my bio and my “expertise” a bit more on this blog.  Apparently I am an enigma.

Taking that advice into account  (see, I can follow directions), I’ve updated (and greatly expanded) the “About Me” section.  Don’t want to bother clicking over?  Here’s what you need to know.

I’m Maggie.  I bake cakes.  Thus the name.  (Yeah, I know, really creative…)  Also, I do some other things.  Namely: biking; blogging, lurking, and surfing online; reading; and hanging out on bars, coffee shops, and libraries in Akron, OH.  (I can walk to the library, Chipotle, and a locally owned coffee shop from my apartment.  As one of my friends says, “She lives in the gay neighborhood – that’s how you know it’s good.”)

Want a little more of a CV?  Hoping that I have some authority for all my opinions?  This will probably disappoint, but here it is. Continue reading

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