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Social Media Marketing: Adding a Visual Touch

29 Jun

Or, You’re so vain, you probably think this infographic is about you.

Vizualize.me, LinkedIn Profile, Visual Resume, Personal InfographicAn infographic generator that will make me my very own inforgraphic based on my LinkedIn profile? Awesome! Custom infographics for use in personal branding and social media marketing? Also awesome!

Today on Mashable, I learned that Vizualize.me is a soon to go live infographic generator that will make you your very own personal infographic based on your LinkedIn profile. Soon everyone will be able to have the stunning resumes of graphic designers. (Sorry graphic designers, this new infographic generator means that you will no longer be the queens of personal branding and social media marketing.) I’ve long coveted a visual resume/personal infographic and had been thinking of investing the time in making one to post on LinkedIn, here on WordPress, and on Facebook. But, I was daunted by the time and skill involved in its creation. (My Photoshop skills are one step above LolCats.) And along comes Vizualize.me with a solution; their infographic generator will do all the work for me! Continue reading

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