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Civilizing Facebook

1 Jun

Original Civilization video game boxHow did I miss this news?!  Civilization is coming to Facebook!  (And now you’re probably like, what, Facebook is the bane of civilization and is ruining our culture and ability to communicate effectively and to interact with each other.)  No, Civilization with a capital C.  Civilization the video game.  Probably the only game I’ve ever actually loved.  (Although Super Mario 3 for Super Nintendo may be up there.) Continue reading

Information is Beautiful

16 Mar

I think I just found one of my new favorite websites.  Information is Beautiful is a project of David McCandless who calls himself “an independent data journalist and information designer” who has a passion for “visualizing information – facts, data, ideas, subjects, issues, statistics, questions – all with the minimum of words”.

I think that I may love him almost as much as danah boyd.  (She’s a social media researcher that studied at the iSchool and I pretty much geek out about anything she writes.)

Basically, Information is Beautiful shows visual representations of information that can be difficult to process in a written format.  I found it via The Mary Sue, which had a post David’s visualization of Books Everyone Should Read (“a consensus-cloud of most mentioned titles from various book polls & top 100 lists”).  I’ve included it as the image for this post, but you’ll really need to visit his post to understand the analysis and the underlying data (which you can see on a Google doc).

Aside from visual representations, David also posts… guess what… Interactive Maps!  Check out this one about America’s health stats.

Maybe this is why Wyoming is happy… or at least not depressed?

9 Mar

Slate is reporting that Wyoming has one of the lowest rates of childhood obesity in the country.  They’re doing an ongoing series through The Hive (the tagline for The Hive is “Collective Wisdom”, but I can’t really figure our what separates it from slate aside from the annoying blue bar and the hexagon at the top of the screen) about the epidemic of childhood obesity facing our country.  You can play with their interactive map, read all kids of stats, and make suggestions for improvements.

Sadly, I have not found any statistics on the rate of pineapple eating…


Mapping the Nations Well-Being or Why Are People in Wyoming So Damn Happy?

8 Mar

The New York Times has an interactive map of the results of the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index survey.  I get why the people in Hawaii are so happy.  They live in Hawaii.  It’s beautiful, no snow, free healthcare, also, fresh pineapple all the time.   (That last one would be enough for me.)

But, Wyoming?  Why?  It’s not pretty, there’s a lot of snow, I’m pretty sure that their healthcare isn’t all that great, and I bet they don’t get to eat a lot of pineapple.  (Or mangoes…)  But, apparently they’re happy.  Way happier than Ohio anyway.  (We’re clearly in the not so happy group.)

So, explore your (house district’s) happiness or misery according to a number of factors (none of which involved questions about pineapples or mangoes, sadly) at the NY Times.  Played with the map to your heart’s content and still can’t figure out why the people in Wyoming are happy?  Go directly to the source; Gallup will give you more stats than you ever wanted to know.

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