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Come join Slate (and me!)

31 Mar

Slate’s coming to Cleveland!

I know it hasn’t yet been discussed here, but I’m a big fan of Slate’s Political Gabfest.  (I even tried to concoct a plan to meet Emily Bazelon as a surprise for a friend’s birthday.  It didn’t end up happening, but I did have a lovely e-mail correspondence with Ms. Bazelon.)  I listen to it every Friday morning and look forward to engaging in my own internal dialogue with the gabfest participants.  (That way, I always win the arguement!)

Slate’s been going out on the road recently, having live events around the country.  I’d been hoping for one to come here, but thought that there was no chance of that happening.  (Unfortunately, Northeast Ohio is not known as a happening area…)  So, color me surprised when I find this yesterday: An Invitation from Slate.

David Plotz, host of my very favorite podcast (the previously mentioned Gabfest) and Slate editor, will be moderating a panel on ending childhood obesity.  Unfortunately, this event seems to have the worst name ever:  “The Slate Hive Event: Fighting Childhood Obesity, Sponsored by Cleveland Clinic”.  Maybe they couldn’t pick a name and just decided to include every relevant word?

Anyway, Slate’s bringing together thought leaders on the topic (everyone from doctors, to authors, and even the architect of Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move campaign) and we’re all invited to come, too!  I’ve already published my thoughts on the subject here and on Slate, so we’ll see how they stack up with what the experts have to say.

I’m signed up to go.  Want to come?  (Oh, it’s free!)


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