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Ugly Ducklings and Social Media Success

16 Sep

Or, I’m really good at Facebook.

Swan DucklingsRecently, a lot of people have been asking me to explain Klout.  What is it?  Why does it give me free stuff?  And, I’m left to say, “I’m really good at Facebook.”  There’s no better explanation, and it’s true.  I’ve figured it out.  I know how to get comments and likes.  I know which types of content will engage my friends.  It sounds terrible to admit that it’s as calculated as that, but it is.  And here’s the secret: everyone that works in digital strategy or social media marketing does the same thing.  We all use our personal accounts as a way of testing follower growth and engagement strategies.  (Will following Crowdbooser’s suggestions improve my retweet rate?  Will Twellow’s directory help me to get targeted followers?  How far can I push mass follow/unfollow efforts without getting delisted?) Continue reading

40,000 Words and Counting

27 Aug

Or, I like it, I really like it

Birthday cakes shaped like presents, fontant

This is my 100th blog post.  TV shows get a party when they reach their 100th episode, because it means that they’re ready for syndication.  What does is mean for a blog?  Do I get a cake with my face on it?  (Can we have a reverse blog giveaway contest where you all send me cakes?)

Joking aside, I’m strangely proud of myself.  I’m not usually big on the concept of “follow-through”.  (Last time I moved, I found like four journals with the first page written in them: “Dear Diary, This time I’m really going to do it…”  Never happened.) Continue reading

Who’s Maggie?

3 Jun

It’s been suggested to me that, since most of my readers aren’t people that I know personally, I might consider fleshing out my bio and my “expertise” a bit more on this blog.  Apparently I am an enigma.

Taking that advice into account  (see, I can follow directions), I’ve updated (and greatly expanded) the “About Me” section.  Don’t want to bother clicking over?  Here’s what you need to know.

I’m Maggie.  I bake cakes.  Thus the name.  (Yeah, I know, really creative…)  Also, I do some other things.  Namely: biking; blogging, lurking, and surfing online; reading; and hanging out on bars, coffee shops, and libraries in Akron, OH.  (I can walk to the library, Chipotle, and a locally owned coffee shop from my apartment.  As one of my friends says, “She lives in the gay neighborhood – that’s how you know it’s good.”)

Want a little more of a CV?  Hoping that I have some authority for all my opinions?  This will probably disappoint, but here it is. Continue reading

Oh, the places I’ll go

15 Apr

This post isn’t about media or culture.  It’s about me.  (I told myself that this wouldn’t be one of those blogs, but today that’s what I need it to be.)

Today I had my last day at my first “real” job – the first job where I had a title that wasn’t “intern” and where my responsibilities followed me after I went home and into the evenings and weekends.  I’ve been there since I was 23.  I’ll turn 26 in two weeks.  I’ve grown up a lot in that time (at least I like to think so) and it it’s been a really intense last few weeks.

On May 2, I’ll be starting as the new Marketing Coordinator for Rea & Associates.  (As I told my Dad, it’s a big deal that I don’t have “assistant” in my title anymore.) It’s an accounting firm with 10 offices in Ohio.  My new boss seems smart and passionate and generally fantastic.  I’m really looking forward to it.   (I’m trying to make “Oh, the Place You’ll Go” my mantra for the change.  We’ll see how that works out.)

But leaving.  Saying good-bye at Legal Aid today.  It was crazy.  And emotional.  And painful.  And all kinds of other things.  I gave my two weeks’ notice last Monday.  And, as I said, it’s been intense.  Some of my co-workers cried.  One of them tried to punish me for leaving by sending me so much work to do that there was no possible way that I could finish it.  (I was getting new assignments until three hours before I left.)  I had a really great exit interview with my boss.  She told me all of these wonderful things that would have been great to hear in the last few months, when I’ve been feeling like a failure for not being able to keep up with my impossible workload.  (What’s that movie where Adam Sandler says, “That would have been nice to know YESTERDAY”?)

I’ve been neglecting this blog because the last two weeks have been so hard.  It’s just been a lot to process.  One of my co-workers told me that all this is normal, that I should mourn the loss of the end of an era, even though this is a good thing.  And, I’m trying to get there.

I tried to look up articles on dealing with quitting your job and the emotional fallout of leaving, but to no avail.  There’re a lot of articles on dealing with losing your job, but none that I could find on quitting.  And, quitting your first job is hard.  I haven’t had the Internet fail me (or really, my search skills fail me) in a long time.

I feel like I’m graduating high school.  (Everyone even signed a card that looked very much like a yearbook page.)  It’s the end of the era.  Everyone’s said “keep in touch” and “let’s stay friends”, but I really don’t know if that’s going to happen.  I hope so.  And, I’m trying to convince myself that that’s enough.

So, that’s why I’ve been gone for so long.  I’ll get back to the blog (and introducing you all to the day’s Internet crazy) soon.  Sorry for the hiatus.

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