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Lordy, lordy Starbucks is 40

9 Mar

Starbucks is celebrating it’s 40th anniversary this week.  Too bad that (as far as I know) they’re not giving away free coffee.  I would like 40 cups of free coffee…

Instead, they’ve unveiled their new logo.  This has been so widely covered today that it’s not even worth linking to any particular article.  (Check any major (or even minor) news outlet.  But, what is worth noting is that this logo doesn’t involve the words “Starbucks” or “coffee” at all.  It’s just part of a siren.  I guess the siren is the new golden arches.  Maybe in a few years it will be added to the list of logos that the use to test children…  (Is there a word for that test?)

Infographic taken from (and links to) the National News Post

Also, on the subject of Starbucks, I know this is old, but I love this graphic.  Too bad This Is Why You’re Fat doesn’t update anymore…  Seriously America.  How is this necessary?  The Trenta will kill you.  Michael Pollan would not be impressed.  (Eat food?  No.  Not too much?  No.  Mostly plants?  No.  Fails all three tests.)

Speaking of Starbucks…  Did you know that there’s a Starbucks Gossip Blog!?  I guess it only makes sense as there’s (a previously referenced) one for Borders.  The “About Me” on the blog says that they’re not affiliated with Starbucks, but the whole thing strikes me as rather corporate.   A post about “how are the pre-orders for the new coffee going at your local store”?  Really?

And, I know that this post is getting rather image heavy, but this is one of the best GraphJam illustrations of all time.  (Thanks, Kanye.)  Apparently the last one is just supposed to be her nose.  Don’t worry… it took me a while, too.

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