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Scream 4 – Campy, but Awesome

17 Apr

Earlier today I veered into politics, now I’m going to go really low-brow with the culture coverage.

Today I saw Scream 4 with a friend of mine and it was like high school all over again.  (Of course, in high school we weren’t allowed to watch them until we were 17, which we didn’t do… ever… I promise…  Don’t you believe me?)  We watched all the movies (over and over again) in high school and have had plans to see this one together since we heard it was coming out.

We went early this afternoon and were the only ones in the theatre.  Normally, this is a bad thing and doesn’t bode well for the quality of the movie that you’re going to be watching, but today it was awesome.  (Apparently horror movies aren’t the standard choices for Sunday matinees.)  Scream 4 is the perfect movie with which to scream and laugh along.  We made our predictions about who the killers were (in Scream movies there are always two killers) as we went and had a wonderful time doing so.  Somehow I don’t think fellow movie goers would have enjoyed our predictions as much as we enjoyed making them.

Of course, we were completely wrong and didn’t figure it out at all.  To be honest, I would have been kind of disappointed if we had.  The movie was funny and just a little scary.  It self-referentially riffed on itself (Dewy not knowing what meta meant – classic) and gave us another chance to see our favorite characters back in action.  There was even a garage door scene a la Rose McGowan.  Don’t believe me?  Slate agrees.  Check out Josh Levin’s review.

Now I’m looking forward to the possibility of Scream 5.  Nothing official yet, but in his interview in today’s NY Times, Wes Craven says of Scream 4, “It’s a continuation with the characters, but this film ostensibly is the beginning of a new trilogy.”

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